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Black Noise, Amazon Kindle
lblack noise

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The Hip Hop Wars
what we talk about when we talk about hip hop--and why it matters

Rose argues that the music that most embodies the hallmarks of gangsta rap- drug dealing, sexual excess, rogue capitalism and distorted, violent portraits of black masculinity-now dominates the airwaves and the media. While "conscious rappers" such as Talib Kweli and The Roots may receive enormous critical acclaim, it's the rappers who employ what Rose calls the "gansta-pimp-ho trinity"-rappers like T.I. and 50 Cent-who sell the most records and, therefore, dominate the recording industry, TV, film, and radio. As a result, the most visible and most widely consumed hip hop sets forth a troubled vision of ghetto street life that not only defines young, already at-risk, black men and women to each other, but defines them to a large white audience as well, one which comprises 70% of hip hop consumers. In THE HIP HOP WARS, Rose shows that hip hop has become the primary means by which we talk about race and culture in the United States-and the conversations surrounding it deserve attention.)

longing to tell

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Longing to Tell
Black Women Talk About Sexuality and Intimacy

The Sexual Lives of Black Women, In Their Own Words

In a culture driven by sexual and racial imagery, very few honest conversations about race, gender, and sexuality actually take place. In their absence, commonly held perceptions of black women as teenage mothers, welfare recipients, mammies, or exotic sexual playthings remain unchanged. for fear that telling their stories will fulfill society's implicit expectations about their sexuality, most black women have retreated into silences. Tricia Rose seeks to break this silence and jump-start a dialogue by presenting, for the first time, the sexual testimonies of black women. Spanning a broad range of ages, levels of education, and socioeconomic backgrounds, twenty women, in their own words, talk with starling honesty about sex, love, family, relationships, and intimacy. Their stories dispel prevailing myths and provide revealing insights into how black women navigate the complex terrain of sexuality. Nuanced, rich, and powerful, Longing to Tell will be required reading for anyone interested in issues of race and gender.

lblack noise

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Black Noise
Rap Music and Black Culture in Contemporary America

Rap recordings are discussed almost everywhere today, from schoolyards and subways to the U.S. Senate and Supreme Court. Rose thoroughly analyzes several facets of the musical genre and provides an effective antidote to the severely flawed hip-hop coverage in mainstream media. She accurately traces rap's sonic history (proving thereby that music does not require conventional melody or harmony) and gives substantial information about the innovative rhythmic manipulations made possible by the techniques of sampling. She also makes clear the connections between rap's beginnings and the political turmoils that afflicted black and Latino urban neighborhoods throughout the 1970s and 1980s. In discussing what is probably rap's most controversial aspect--lyrics supposedly advocating "cop killing"--Rose vividly delineates the social conditions that bring about such fierce responses to real-life police brutality. Finally, she examines the often neglected role of women in rap in rewarding depth. Fans, scholars, and detractors alike stand to learn a great deal by studying Rose's commendable treatise. (Aaron Cohen, Booklist)

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